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I know this is old but I had the same problem but I changed my batteries with almost the same battery they were 7amp not 8 but I didn?t think that would make to big a difference but now it won?t charge I?m thinking the charger might be bad cus it won?t light up but wanted some info since chargers are very pricy
Gee it sounds like your old batteries may have been okay if you have a charger issue instead.

My Bruno charger has a paddle switch. Be sure your charger is turned on. And be sure the outlet where it is plugged into has power. Plug something else in and see if it works.

There might be a fuse you can check which is probably next to the on/off switch.

BTW, there is also a little fuse, but it seems to be between the charger and batteries. I pulled mine and my light green lights still worked.