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Thread: A new T tap leg bag

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    A new T tap leg bag

    For several years I have periodically been searching for a better leg bag. For a number of years I had been using one with a t-tap emptying valve. I was able to push the sides of the T with my knuckles. Eventually the company was bought out by the one making Freedom leg bags. The first thing they did was to revise the T tap. They made it smaller and redesigned the internal workings that included a small connecting piece for the two sides. The piece runs right through the middle of the outlet path. In sum, the ?improved? T tap had a small, obstructed outlet. I quickly found that I could not use the redesigned version. I have an illeal conduit. Occasionally a bit of mucous sloughs off my stoma and ends up with the urine in my leg bag. The first time I used the new Freedom leg bag a piece of mucous lodged in the small obstructed outlet and I could not empty it. That ended my use of the T tap. Over the years a few other leg bag manufacturers have used this flawed design. Rochester is currently using these small T tap valves.

    In my recent search I found a new (at least to me) manufacturer making T tap leg bags with the old design and size. The company is Reliamed. I bought one here for $3.99.

    It holds 900 ml, but its measurements are about the same as Bard 1000 ml leg bags. Pasted below is a photo of the Reliamed 900 ml bag with a Rochester 800 ml leg bag with the smaller valve to the right. The emptying valve of the Reliamed is at least twice the diameter of the other design and has no cross piece in the urine path. I will be trying it in a week or so when my current leg bag is due to be tossed.

    Also notable on the Reliamed are the ?fabric? leg straps They look like elastic and are quite stretchy. They may be a good alternative to latex straps.

    I will update this thread with my evaluation in a month or so.

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    The 2000 ml night bags have a larger variety of drain valves. Worst case find one that works and put it on the smaller bag. I like the flip valve on the day bag. My 2 cents.
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    No doubt, flip valve is easy, even with poor hand function. That's why I've been using the Hollister bags.

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