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Thread: Remote controls for doors, lights, screens

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    Remote controls for doors, lights, screens

    We have happily moved into an apartment with 2 types of automatic door openers (FACC/Besam) and Somfy automatic exterior solar screens with a wind sensor. I think they are radio (RF) controlled. We also have Gewa automatic light switches that I think are infrared (IR) controlled. We only have the remote for the solar screens, so I need to get them for the door openers and light switches.

    Rather than buy individual remotes, I would like to get a universal base station that we could use an iPhone app to control all of them. I'm new at this and don't even know the model numbers or have manuals. Is there anyone out there who can help educate me about this stuff or point me to other posts that may cover it?
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    You might want to try this question over on the message board. There's a lot of discussions about all things remote control.

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