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    I had a nervous break down last Friday because I hadn't slept for two days. I got up in the morning in the morning and walked a few steps on the floor and fell on the ground and couldn't get up. My wife had to call the ambulance and it took me a few hours to get my shit together. I couldn't even talk. They have put me on a bunch of medications so I can finally sleep again.I wish something would change all I do is fight with pain all the time for 11 years. I can't even watch tv because of this shit. now that I have slept better I am trying harder to do things. It drives me crazy all day. even if I am doing something I find it very hard to concentrate. my brian seems to be on fire as well as my chest 24 7. Just needed to vent.

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    I hear ya, pains a bitch so vent away. I have this combination of stuff I can take about twice a week. It brings relieve some times, and it's like heaven. No matter what's going on in my life, rain or shine, I can't stop smiling, for the fours that it works.

    Hope you can get rest
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    I barley feel like I can make it through a day. My chest and brain are on fire all the time and I can barley get my mind of it even when I am doing things. I fight with 24/7.

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    I have a baclofen pump with a little fentanyl with the baclofen to help curb the pain. It's really nasty in my lower back. My pain doctor and I have been working on getting rid of i for several years.. She takes care of my baclofen to. Hopefully you'll find a way to get rid of it. Is it central pin (burning) or actual pain from something that moves
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    It is central pain. I am dealing with it a bit better but it is still a struggle. I am sleeping well so that helps. My whole family wants to see me get better. I can deal with the pain it is the argument in my head that I feel the most frustrated by.

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