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Thread: Who is your Primary Physician?

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    Who is your Primary Physician?

    Since my injury at C5-6, 20 years ago, I haven been seeing a Rehab doctor at a University hospital.
    I think it is time to change a doctor.
    Who is your primary doctor? Internal medicine doctor? family doctor? Who do you have?
    Do they handle prescriptions for durable medical equipments?

    I feel like I have no idea...

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    I see my primary care doctor (internal medicine, family practice) regularly, but I also see my PMNR and urologist on a regular schedule and use my PMNR for durable medical since she knows the right terms for letters of medical necessity and is more current with drugs for SCI issues.
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    i see a internal med doctor for my primary, but also see a multitude of other doctors as well, neuro, urologist, PMNR, pulmologist, cardiologist, vascular surgeon, nephrologist, hematologist and when needed an ortho.
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    My primary is internal medicine. I have seen a PMR doc exactly once since discharge from the hospital 10 years ago. He gave me a script for baclofen which kinda worked for my spams (sort of, sometimes) so I just had my PCP continue it.

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    Primary is internal medicine, see specialists as needed. PM&R docs outside facilities seem to be focused on pain management. I use annual evaluations at rehab hospital for DME RXes.

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    I have also collected a number of doctors over the years. Fortunately, they can all access the same electronic medical records data base which helps keep everyone on the same. If I'm uncertain where to go with a problem, I contact my primary care doctor and let him guide me.

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    Thanks all for the reply. It seems I need to find an internal doctor near by me. I usually see a doctor 2~3 times a year.
    Since my last fall in 2016, I have had uncomfortable pain in my stomach area and bleeding during BM. (I also have hemorrhoid) Nowadays, (enough) bleeding happens almost every time during the BM and it stops after shower.
    Last year, the doctor asked me to take ibuprofen. 4 weeks ago, he prescribed me suppositories. After 3 weeks, no changes at all.
    I called the hospital and let nurses know the status of no changes. No feedback from a doctor. Frustrating. Time to change.

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    I have a family practice primary care physician who takes care of annual wellness (physical) exam, flu shots, protime monitoring (I take Warfarin), and on those occasions when I get a urinary tract infection, he prescribes antibiotics based on Urinalysis (UA) and Culture & Sensitivity (C&S). I have a urologist, but in my experience urologists don't want to be bothered with the day to day stuff like a bladder infection. I have an annual visit with a urologist that usually includes some kind of imaging, i.e., renal ultra sound or KUB (kidney, ureter, and bladder xray). I also have a cardiologist (I have atrial fibrillation), who I see once a year, and a dermatologist (once a year).

    For durable medical equipment, I rely on my Primary Care Physician to "write" the prescriptions (Rx) and letters of medical necessity for durable medical equipment and supplies. Actually, I determine what it is I need, do the research, and write the Rx or letters for him to sign. In my experience, even physiatrists and rehabilitation doctors don't keep up to the minute on products in the durable medical supply world.

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