Yesterday I began making a simple inverted L lifting arm that will swing into the back of our R350 MB SUV which has a relatively high threshold to lift over.
The first problem is finding structuraly sound places to mount things that aren't too ugly!
Fortunately MB put 4 tie-down points in the rear, 2 per side, that were mounted to M8 hardware.
I'm working at home on this, I sold my European car service business of 45 years recently. In the past this kind of fabrication always was done at the shop where there was much equipment (cutting/welding, etc) and a fine inventory of steel stock and hardware.
So this is a little McGyvured and sketchy, but hopefully will work OK, be easily removable, and pass the WAF test (WifeAprovalFactor)!

I had 5 photos to upload but this damn system says they're too large!
I was up til 3am last night on this project; I don't have the sock to go to the trouble of resizing all for this BS now-possibly later, especially if this works.