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Thread: Fever "probably" from UTI. Urgent need for advice

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    Fever "probably" from UTI. Urgent need for advice

    I don't have a history of a lot of UTIs. Over 6 years I've averaged one or two a year. But over the past three months, I've had an ongoing UTI that seems to be driven into remission for as much as a week and a half and as little as three days then the cloudy urine and tiny caths (100ml) return. My latest culture and sensitivity test was taken Thursday and I should get the results on Monday.

    Last night this saga entered a new phase. I woke up about 4 a.m. just burning up. Over the years this has happened when I had too much covers. That wasn't the case last night. I took my temperature and it was about 101. I got some relief bye turning down the air conditioning, turning on the ceiling fan and spraying myself with a garden sprayer that I use for exercising in hot environments. In the morning my temperature measured 101.4 and then 101.7.

    The on-call urologist suggested that I really didn't want the temperature to go much over 102. So he prescribed Levaquin but suggested that I contact my regular urologist first thing Monday morning. My temperature later this afternoon what was 102. If it follows the same pattern as yesterday. the fever is likely to get worse in the middle of the night.

    So how much hotter can I safely tolerate?

    And what are viable options to the ER?
    Doc in a box?
    Expedited admission into the hospital?


    Backstory: I have CLL leukemia. It doesn't affect me much except for fatigue, and I'm told, a weaker immune system.

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    It just measured 102.5. Heading for the hospital.

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    Excellent call. Please keep us updated. I would have hit hospital as soon as it hit 100 given our situations.
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    Good luck

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    Hope all goes well.

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    I believe 104 F is the real danger waterline.
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    For an adult, I would not let it get much ast 101. And that may be pushing it depending on what your baseline is. In a pinch, you can alternate tylenol with ibuprofen, every two hour to help break the fever. That does not take the cause away but does make you more comfortable. And drinking fluids, particularily awater and a gatorade type beverage helps to keep your electrolytes in line. Also, ice pops of some sort help to keep you cool. Just some tips that hopefully no one will have to use.

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    I'm still alive! No big surprise there but the ER docs took me pretty seriously with a 102.5 fever, SCI injury with neurogenic bladder, and the leukemia. They gave me an IV antibiotic and checked me in the hospital overnight. My temp was normal this afternoon when I was discharged. I'm now on 750mg of Levoquin and get my Thursday's sample lab results back tomorrow, hopefully confirming that's the right stuff.

    The doc was neutral on whether to send me home or keep me another night. I pushed for going home so I could manage my bowel program on my home turf. This group will understand.

    Thanks for the words of concern.

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    Good news then.
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