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Thread: For sale: Standing Frame with Whole Body Vibration

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    For sale: Standing Frame with Whole Body Vibration

    For sale:

    Adapted Easystand 5000 to fit the vibration plate.

    VibraFlex Home Edition 2 vibration plate (Galileo in Europe) -- one of the best vibration plates on the market.

    Fully adapted and ready to go, in excellent working condition. Used it for years without any problems. It actually increased my bone density.

    Asking price: $7,500 (buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping cost, might be significant. the items are large and heavy).

    The buyer must also assume the responsibility for his/her safety using the device, placing it on level, stable surface, making sure it will not

    tip, and consult his/her physitian to make sure the body is healthy enough to use it.

    Hurry, it is going fast! I will sell it separately, the plate is 'top of the line'. But I will be glad to assist in every way possible. Thanks!
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    Where are you located?

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    I'm in Pennsylvania, 18976

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    So did this vibration therapy work for you? Do you get spasms in your legs normally?

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    It depends on what you mean by 'worked'. It did produce a slight increase in bone density after a couple years of use. I do normally get spasms. And when you turn the machine on, you get spasms at first. Depending on the settings, the vibration is pretty intense. I stood for about ah hour a day. During that hour I did about 5 set of 3 minutes of vibration, gradually increasing the frequecy to 25hz (50hz bilateral) (Maximum frequency is 27.5, but it way too intense).

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    Would you take a couple of pictures of the vibration plate and how you have it lined up with the standing frame?
    Did you do this yourself or was it manufactured like this ?

    I've been wanting to do this, have the glider standing frame so may be more of a challenge to get the vibration plate to hook up.

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    Wouldn't work with Glider.

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