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Thread: How to get up into camper bed?

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    How to get up into camper bed?

    Anyone have an inexpensive way to get up to an over the cab bed in a camper? I used to have enough physical strength and function to get myself stood up on the couch and then muscle my way onto the bed, but I can no longer stand up on the couch. I was thinking some sort of lift or maybe even pet stairs? I have to be able to get up about 30", from the couch to the bed.
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    Wow! The only thing I can think of is that aluminum, folding, stair device advertised in some of the disability magazines. We purchased one for the purpose of getting from floor to wheelchair seat height in case of non-injury fall while transferring, but that would be about 18 or so inches high. ("Para Ladder" might be the name).

    However, I don't recommend anything of the kind. Does the thought of wear and tear on the shoulders concern you at all? Just wondering if there are other options.

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