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    Comparison cushions

    Anybody out there used both Roho Quatro Select and custom Ride cushion? Like the Ride but it is near impossible for me to transfer from (independently​), too deep. Have never used the Quatro, but have used ROHOs exclusively for decades. New flap, the RIDE pressure mapped great, but I'm wondering if a Quatro would do as well. (DME didn't have a Quatro to test).

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    I use a Ride Custom and have used many ROHO cushions. Since the Ride is "custom" is there any chance they can design yours to make transfers easier. If you have had a flap you should not use any cushion you have not been pressure mapped on.

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    The ride can be made easier to transfer from by doing two things: 1) trimming the front edges of the cushion that cradle the thighs (Ride likes to make these channels deeper and more contoured than they need to be) so that the cushion is flatter on the front corners and front edge, and 2) move your but to one of the front corners before attempting a transfer.

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    Not all Ride cushions are custom made. The Ride Forward and Java are not customised, while the Ride Custom and Custom 2 are. It helps to be a little more specific about which product you were evaluated for, and what you are comparing it to:


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    Thanks ancient gimp, august west and KLD. Good suggestions, all. Im not sure if its a custom or custom 2, just know aspen seating did the butt mold etc and created a custom RIDE for me at the facility in Denver area, but prior to the flap and shaving of my r IT. Was pressure mapped on it post surgery, Aspen will come to LTAC in Denver where im at, to revaluate and fix it. It mapped great on ITs. Thing is im so used to ROHOs, thought that a quatro might work as well, if just for driving. I will try and see if I can get ASPEN to modify as suggested. Rebecca

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    I use Roho all the time (high profile) and I have a custom Ride cushion too. I have the same problem you do transferring off the Ride cushion. So I pretty much use it only when driving between Denver and the mtns, because the elevation change kills the Roho. I've used Roho Quadtro Select, but it's the same as a single compartment for me (I don't need different pressures). I pressure map to zero on a Roho. Have you pressure mapped on the Roho? If you are a Craig patient, maybe they could come to LTAC and map you on the Roho. CU Denver has a great program too...

    By the way, I bought a Ride Java, and it causes red marks, so beware.
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    Hi Podkane,

    I'm happy to help arrange for a demo QUADTRO Cushion if you can't find one locally to trial. If interested, please contact me directly per the contact information below.


    Tom Borcherding
    ROHO Inc. / Permobil Inc.

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    I just healing up from a 2 or three year ordeal, been so long I can't remember, of a wound that got infected with sepsis on May 2 2016. three stints and two flap operations plus a total of 21 weeks in a Clinitron bed. I was pressure mapped a couple of years ago and the Roho was the worst for me. I had been using the Varilite NX cushion and was good. A coupe of weeks ago I was pressure mapped and the Ride Java cushion mapped best of all. It's really been a game changer for me after the years of this wound. I thought the "donut" hole would be a hassle to get out of when transferring but seems to be easy once I started getting the strength back.

    Roho used to be the go to cushion but for many it's not good at all. Also their customer service was the pitts for me and just didn't work out. What size Qutro are you looking fro. I may have an 18x18 hanging around here. Dang, after 44 years in a chair, I have a closet full of cushions and backs.

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    Thanks for the reply Dnvrdave. Yes I pressure mapped on my regular single compartment midprofile ROHO and showed some red areas in the ischial area, so not so good. I wish I did map to zero on the ROHO, bc I would prefer that cushion. Going to try the quatro if I can get pressure mapped on one. Also thanks for the CU info, thats helpful,Rebecca

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    Hi Patrick, thanks for your reply. I feel you on the pressure wound...but you got me beat there. Ive been dealing with a wound caused by an incision and drainage of a cyst near the r ischial for over two and a half years. Im still in the hospital after a flap surgery, just starting the sitting protocol. 21 WEEKS IN a Clinitron! Thats tough. Glad to know you are doing better after that ordeal. Also thanks for the offer of the Quatro, but I need a 15 x15, so yours wouldn't work, however it was nice of you to offer. Cheers, Rebecca

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