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Thread: Cleaning pergo floors

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    Cleaning pergo floors

    Anyone got a suggestion on what to clean pergo floors with that eliminates tire squeak?

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    I asked NL what she thought might help. She suggested rinsing thoroughly after using a laminate cleaner and buffing dry. Seems these cleaners can leave a residue that makes tire/shoe squeaks worse.

    This doesn't address cleaning the floors, but may stop "gription," squeaky shoes (in our case tires) on floors:

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    I just use wet swiffers, I don't have tire squeak hardly at all, I do use marathon plus tires......

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    this is the best no chemicals whatsoever. just old fashioned hot water.

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    I like my steam mop, but it's plug-in, cords are a pain in the butt...but it cleans it the best....prob squeak more...

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