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Thread: Care cure app ?

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    Thumbs up Care cure app ?

    Just as the title reads. Why isn't there an app for this site yet ? Don't have a computer and this isn't easy from a phone ... C'mon get with the times !!
    Haven't been on here in 4 yrs maybe 5 . sick of looking at all false hope but now it seems i miss some of it. Amyways there needs to be an app, more mobile friendly. Just a thought

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    I see on the Vbulletin you can get a app support for $200 - but the reviews aren't very good

    I also found forum runner which apparently is free for the site but cost users $2 to get the app but it's reviews are a bit mixed

    If the site wanted to go towards getting an app (which would be great), i would be happy to throw a few bucks in

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    I don't do Facebook, but I think you can access Care Cure Community that way.

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    Apps are silly. Use www. Many apps are just hiding web sites which I find and use with Chrome or Safari.

    Design site for mobile as Wingdows desktop is dead, cremated, buried and irrelevant.

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