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Thread: How do you cope with Opiate Induced Constipaion (OIC)

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    The bowels can slow down over time. It is important to adjust your diet to include more fruits and vegetables and stay away from constipation inducing foods, such as foods high in carbs (bagels, bread, pasta, rice, etc) and a lot of meat. Also coffee can cause constipation as can dairy products. The more active you are the better off you are. I know that is not always easy.
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    Wow this is from a year ago, things are perty much the same. Damn...

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    Have you ever tried some of the vitamins that cause the opposite problem? Vitamin C and Magnesium come to mind.

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    I take a stool softener (started out with Colace back in 1998/1999 then just switched to any generic form of Colace) daily and then I am on a regular bowel regimen (every third night) so that morning I take a laxative (started out with Senokot but then switched to a generic) and that works along with digital stimulation if I don't go on my own. But I need the digital stimulation to make sure I am completely evacuated anyway.

    I remember trying enemeez but OMG! I began going unexpectedly were certainly was not going to work for me. I have used a suppository called the Magic Bullet suppository since 1989 or 1990 after finding out about it from a quad friend of mine.

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    I have a baclofen pump including morphine in it.

    Since I started with morphine in my pump my bowels slowed down dramatically. What should I do?
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    What you eat determines on how well your bowels function. My routine is now to Titrate doses of Polyethylene Glycol until stool is moving regularly, have a blueberry smoothie every morning and drink lots of water. Also use a bicuspidyl suppository every other day.

    My simple rule, if you feel like your constipated, take one dose of over-the-counter MiraLAX, (get a prescription because of the insurance) every four hours until results. If nothing happens after two days would recommend going to the ER for KUB x-ray.

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