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Thread: How do you cope with Opiate Induced Constipaion (OIC)

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    How do you cope with Opiate Induced Constipaion (OIC)

    I would imagine there are others on this forum that has to deal with OIC. I was hoping to maybe get some pointers about dealing with this constipation, or just to commiserate. It has been getting worse over the years. At first it was just hard dry stools that would plug the toilet if I didn't cut them. Then I needed Miralax and senna and It was working but now they don't. I tried some Movantik samples and a stimulant laxative. That seemed to work but I can't afford them and so far my Dr. hasn't sent in the prior authorization form. I got a copy of the prior authorization form and I will take it to my next appointment. I was doing 1.5 quart coffee enemas but I'm really tired of that. Now sometimes I feel very very uncomfortable. I'm afraid to est.

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    I do not have OIC but also have problems with emptying my bowels. I have been in the wheelchair for over 30 years and have used everything from laxatives to stool softners and everything else over the years. Last year my gastrologist suggested I try Linzess which is for chronic constipation. I take the 290 mcg tablet the morning of my bowel program at least a half hour before I eat breakfast. For me that does the trick and everything comes moving out within a hour of taking the pill. I try to do my bowel program every other day but sometimes go to the third day depending on my schedule. I only take the pill on the day I want to go because it tends to soften my stool to much and I do not want accidents.

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    Senokot or the generic

    After rotator cuff surgery I was morphine sulfate 30mg four times a day and developed OIC. I used Senokot $14 a bottle or Walmart Equate $1.98 a bottle. Senokot has sennosides USP 25mg per tablet which helped with OIC. Also increase eating peppers; green, red or yellow and carrots into your diet.

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    I don't have any experience Opiate Induced Constipation (OIC), but have recently heard an advertisement for Movantik (Naloxegol).

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    If the Movantik works and you are having trouble affording it, I would contact the pharmaceutical company that makes it. They often have programs for just this scenario. I would also encourage you to increase your fiber, if you can, drink plenty of water and exercise as able. Being constipated is not fun, and it certainly impacts the quality of your life.

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    Don't take so many opiates

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    I've had good luck with Amitiza.

    and a bit random. taking allipurinol for gout, one of the side effects is it softens everything up !!!

    plus plenty of psyllium fiber..

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