hey all,

5 year post SCI. Have always managed bladder with a capped (no bag) SPC, not a ton of problems. Have feeling in my bladder so know when I need to 'void'.

Was colonized with e-coli for a while and I had recurrent infection symptoms (decreased capacity, pain) from time to time while undergoing chemotherapy in 2015. Eventually e-coli became resistant to all oral antibiotics, so did 6 weeks ertapenum. Cleared the e-coli completely.

Have had a couple random but treatable infections since. No infections since early February. Bladder function has been very steady.

Somewhat non-scientific but I keep track of my voiding volume by simply counting. I formerly counted about 50-60 second per void, with very little variation outside of those amounts.

Suddenly in last week my bladder volume has significantly decreased. I can barely make it to 40 seconds before needing to void. No pain otherwise that typically accompanies infections. Urine culture I took since the symptom began revealed no infection.

If I had seen a steady decrease of bladder holding volumes over time I would just chalk it up to aging or whatever, but the suddenness makes me think something else is at play, although I don't know what.

Going to put a call in to my urologist and likely a nurse at the rehab hospital but while I'm waiting for their return call, has any else experienced any sudden bladder behaviour problems not caused by infection? I don't take any medication to manage my bladder or bowels.

I look forward to reading any responses. Thanks. :-)