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Thread: handrims

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    any certain handrims that would help reduce hand pain im using short tab push rims now and am wondering what might be a good choice i maybe getting a new chair in few months and may try different rims to see if it helps
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    I'm starting the new chair process, too, and I'm going to look at aftermarket hand rims as well.
    From what I've seen the Surge LT's are the ones I want to look at. If I have chance to try anything out, I'll let you know.
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    I got a pair of Q-Grips a few months ago.....they are great. I was hooked on soft, foam covered handrims for years I but couldn't find them anymore. The Q-Grips are easy on my hands, very tacky or "grippy" and are more durable than the foam covered rims.

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    I've not heard of this company before

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    I love my Surge handrims!

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    Natural Fit LT's work great too.

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    Instead of handrims, maybe try some gloves. A very significant decrease of grabbing force needed to grab the rim, without worrying about chewing up the handrim bashing it against things. You can really power through stuff with the added grip. Keeps hands cleaner too. I like these, usually under $20 delivered off ebay.

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    thanks ill check into those rims and am wearing wheelchair gloves now

    i use short tab rims would the long tab help any i use the palm of my hand on tire and fingers on the rim
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    Quote Originally Posted by briddellm View Post
    I love my Surge handrims!
    The rubber strip on those rims make my hands pitch black, even just rolling around the house. I like the feel of the rims but I had to get rid of them because of how dirty my hands looked.

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    I demoed out a pair of some rubber tightly ribbed and ribs the other day at a rugby competition.. They were awesome and had super grip. I wish I could remember the name of it
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