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Thread: Is baclofen pump refill painful?

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    Is baclofen pump refill painful?

    Trying to decide whether I can take the disabled bus or need husband to bring me for first pump refill. I'm a HUGE chicken and have slightly exaggerated pain sensation. Do I need pain med and/or TLC for pump refill?

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    Not that I am aware of. You might want to take some Tylenol or Motrin with you just in case, but I do not recall anyone complaining about pain with a refill.

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    Most likely you'll feel a small prick or nothing at all.

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    You may feel a needle poking you but I think it's way worth what they put in the pump. Besides that, all they do to fill it is to stick a needle in where the middle of the pump is, give them five minutes to take out the old stuff and put in the new stuff and that's it.
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    If you don't get it refilled, than it is not able to do it's job. Talk to your provider and get your questions answered. Sometimes the anticipation is way worse than the actual procedure.

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    My doctor missed the pump and stuck me with the needle. That shit hurt even though I can't feel it
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    No one can predict that. I am sorry that it happened, but no procedure is without risks. I would let him/her know the issues that it caused for you and ask them what they plan to do in the future to prevent it from happening again.

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