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Thread: Gall bladder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sit-N-Fly View Post
    Had mine out nearly 20 years ago. Mine was well and truly blocked and I was exhibiting signs of jaundice (yellowed skin). I did not have any adverse side effects after the surgery and was fortunate to have a skilled surgeon.

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    Had mine out a couple of years ago, it was full of gravel and I had a major episode of cholecystitis that was the last straw. I've been great ever since except that I developed an allergy to opiates! If I take any I get duodenal spasms (in the same area as gall bladder pain) so no oxycodone, codeine etc.

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    You might be abl to manage it with diet and eating small frequent meals. Stay away from fatty foods and also anything that gives you GI distress. Also, 5-6 small meals might be a better option for you. And do not lay down right after you eat.
    Hope this helps a little.

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