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Thread: 2009 RT300 FES BIKE For Sale

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    2009 RT300 FES BIKE For Sale

    I am selling a
    2009 RT300 FES BIKE

    For Sale is a Restorative Therapies RT300-SA. This Unit is as close to new as you will find in a used machine only being used about a dozen times. It is wireless capable allowing you to have a Physical Therapist monitor your progress while working out from home. Everything works perfectly with this unit and includes many extras to get you up and plugged in immediately.
    User Guide
    All tools needed
    32 sets of 3.0? x 4.0? pads
    16 sets of 2.0? x 3.5?
    Price : $8,500

    It says my files are to large so it will not let me post pictures, please email me at and I will be happy to send pictures or answer any questions.

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    Is it a Sage 10 or 7? 6 channels or 12? (Channels = lead wires / 2)
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    I am not sure what sage it is but I know that it is a RT300-SL. It has 6 leads which means 12 connections.
    two left quad
    two right quad
    two left hamstring
    two right hamstring
    two left gluteals
    two right gluteals

    Let me know if this helps.

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