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Thread: Long flights

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    Flight attendants have always been willing to help with reasonable requests... I just tell them what I need of them then and there. Tends to work out better that way. Just a word of caution. Don't do this unless you're sure you're not imposing unreasonable requests.
    Good point! I've learned that asking ahead of time (on the phone or email) doesn't often work because they get scared, or don't understand that it's a simple request, or don't want to commit to something they may not be able to do. I weigh 130 lbs, but there have often been problems when the person in back is not strong enough (e.g. they scrape my tailbone trying to go over the armrest of the airplane seat). It's too bad the U.S. doesn't let aides fly for free, the way they do in Canada. But still, I have often gotten better service from the airlines when I am alone (or pretend I'm alone), because they tend to expect your aide to handle everything. As you said, we must be assertive and clear about our needs, and the needs should be reasonable ones.
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    These could be helpful on long flights.
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