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Thread: abs help please

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    abs help please

    So, towards the end of the day... sometimes by the middle of the day it feels like i'm "squashing" my lower abdomen. I know the muscle tone is just all to shyt now. I'm not sure what exercises to do to try and strengthen that area. I just got a suprapubic cath yesterday so, i'm sure I need to let that heal before really trying to strengthen my lower abs and waist.

    I do have 5lb weights and one of those rubber exercise bands, just not sure what to do with them in regards to that area.


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    Do you have a spinal cord injury or a spinal cord disease? If so what level?

    Just checked back to some of your other posts and see that you had a spinal stroke. Have you been told what level?

    What was the reason for placing a supra pubic catheter?

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    it's at T6. I had a indwelling cath.. on Lasix, urinate a lot, etc, etc. suprapubic is better for my urethra.

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    Are you motor incomplete? Your abdominal muscles are innervated from T7-T12, so doing voluntary muscle contraction to strengthen these may not be possible unless you are pretty incomplete.


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    All I know is it's T6 ASIA A. That's what the doc at kennedy Krieger said. I think maybe incomplete? I have some sensation below the waist such as tingles or pulses that go up my legs. and my L big toe always has a sharp feeling that once in awhile is mildly painful.

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