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Thread: Who's the new new w/c manufacturer now?

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    Who's the new new w/c manufacturer now?

    I'm ordering a new chair and doubt I want to go with a Tilite again. I've had six in the last few years and experienced and seen the decline in their customer service and willingness to provide info to a repeat customer.

    Don't want another Top End, Quickie or Colors chair. Any other manufacturer out there who'll go thru insurance. I checked out Motion Composites already.

    It's a shame Tilite/Permobile has gone the route they've taken. I really liked their chairs but refuse to support any company who doesn't support us.

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    Try the KI guys. The guys that started it use to work for Quickie, but bailed when Stainless bought the company. I've only heard of one problem with a Rogue chair. Some weird reclining feature.
    Personally, I've been buying old chairs, made before 2000. Better quality and cheap. No DME's to put up with. They seem to be most of the problem.

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    Motion Composites builds a really great CF rigid chair (Apex W/C) at a very competitive price in comparison to an aluminium or titanium frame rigid from other manufacturers. Check them out

    I agree with the decline in Tilite products in the recent years, specially since Permobile procured them, I certainly hope they can figure out how to unfix what wasn't boken!


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    if u have a good dme then no issues with tilite. I have had zero issues. if cash box chairs are killer. rep
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    But customers should not need to rely on a DME to get good support. For various reasons we do not like to work with DMEs, and wish we could do more direct with the manufacturer. I know that is challenging for a manufacturer, but without that ability to go direct we also may reconsider on our next purchase.

    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    if u have a good dme then no issues with tilite. I have had zero issues. if cash box chairs are killer.
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