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Thread: Having stomach/back issues

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    Having stomach/back issues

    I'm a c5 incomplete quad. It all started back in January in which my stomach would constantly spasm where it made it hard to breathe especially in bed. I've had a ct scan of my stomach thinking kidney stone and it was clear. Tested for uti in which I always have one with having a suprapubic cath and it took antibiotics with no change. Have had xrays of my back, chest, and hips and all were clear. Finally had a ultrasound of my testicles because i was having discomfort and tightness down there. Found out i had epididymis so i went on a strong antibiotic for 10 days and it cleared up. So the last month or so my back has been tight/in pain and when its not i get a discomfort/pain in my lower left stomach area in which is causing the same stomach spasms as before. Had a mri of my back and the results were everything looks good. When i lay in bed my stomach almost looks bloated and spasms. Not having full sensation its hard to be accurate with the pain/discomfort with my dr. Could this be a hernia that doesnt show up on the ct scan or a gi issue? My wife and i want to start trying to get pregnant soon and we cant really with these issues im having

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    A lot of people have abdominal spasms- as well as spasms everywhere. Do you take an antispasmodic medication? See a spasticity specialist who could possibly botox the spasms if medication not helping. Have you tried Lidocaine or Baclofen ointment( this is compounded so most insurances do not pay for it?

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    Currently on Baclofen which is not working. It was never a issue and im post injury 13 years

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    Just wondering if you've kept track of things like time of day this happens, position you are in (sitting, lying down), changes in diet, bowel regularity, antibiotics.
    I have sensation and experience bloating, and very mild abdominal spasms which usually turns out to be constipation. In the past I had "shotgun" approach of antibiotics when I had pneumonia, and it resulted in a bad, lengthy case of C-Diff - constant bloating, rumbling, I could practically see my colon on the left moving.
    Of course, terminal diarrhea went with that. Only cure was when they upped my dose of Vancomycin.
    Keep working on a solution.

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    yeah ive been keeping track. bowel movements have been good/normal. have had cdiff before and its no fun. Actually been doing some research and I think it might be a inguinal hernia

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    Inguinal hernia should show up if they went low enough on CT scan and they usually do pelvic area unless MD specifically indicated abdominal only which doesn't make much sense but.. . Ultrasound can dx inguinal hernia.

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    I've had the exact same symptoms as you for a couple years, i'm on max dose of baclophen and no help. i started using bipap at night because when i lay down i feel like it is so tight i can't breathe. i've had dr's look at me, lots of tests and nothing. onl suggestions i got was a baclophen pump and no guarantee that would help. and i don't do good with surgeries. dont know what it is.

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    That's rough Bert. I can't imagine not being able to resolve this. Yesterday was a pretty uncomfortable day with some pain so i really hope it isnt the new norm. The ct they took was a abdominal ct so im hoping it wasnt low enough to see if it is a hernia. There are days its bad and like today not as bad but still lingering. Going back to the dr tomorrow. Hoping he doesnt feel im full of crap with this but hes been my doc for 20+ years and ive never gone in with an issue like this. thanks for everything everyone and hope they resolve your issue someday Bert

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