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Thread: Off road wheelchair

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    In the past I bought a used power wheelchair for $300; it had wide rear and front tires and was remarkable for tooling around my yard on lumpy, grass terrain. Kept it charged, and after 7 years it's still working.

    My mantra is "Save the shoulders", so I can't recommend pushing for several years ahead at your location. Anything with power would be safer and fun to use. We had 6 wheel amphibius ATV's in the past. High transfer, though, but great for the outdoors, woods and in-water for fishing, etc. Maybe even herding cows.

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    I talked to a friend who told me that he bought three cheep used electric wheelchairs. He said that after a year or so they would break down, and to expensive to fix. So he would buy another one only to have the same thing happen.
    Guess you got lucky with the used one you have.
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    Ended up getting this very cool 4 wheel drive go anywhere power chair. Works great, gets me anywhere I want to go.
    Looking to get some ramps, so I can put it in the back of my pickup.
    Been awhile since I uploaded a picture, grrrrr
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