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Thread: Amazon Echo Nurse Call Workaround

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    Amazon Echo Nurse Call Workaround

    I have an Amazon Echo Dot and could not find a nurse call to go with it. I think I found a pretty good workaround. I used an old X10 chime module and plugged it into a new TP-link switch. I remembered that the X10 chime module goes off whenever you plug it into an outlet, and then only works when you send a command to it. You don't need any other X10 device or control unit. Now all I do is ask Alexa to turn on the TP switch and the chime works! I have to remember to also turn off the TP-Link switch so the chime will work again when turned back on. In other words, I'm fooling the chime thinking it's simply being plugged in and plugged out of wall socket. I called the chime "Call Chime" in the TP Kasa app and searched for new devices in the Alexa app.

    Here's how I turn on the chime: I say "Alexa, turn on call chime. Alexa says "okay" and chime turns on. Then I say "Alexa, turn off call chime." Alexa says "okay" and now chime is ready to be turned on again. You can get an X10 chime at Amazon:

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    Nice. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Good find! I use Echoes for many disability tasks. Now I can add this.

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