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Thread: Turning Mattress Recommendations?

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    Turning Mattress Recommendations?

    My father (C6 incomplete) had partially successful flap surgery in January for a serious pressure ulcer on his sacrum. He is now back at home and we are looking for an alternating pressure mattress that can be set up to turn him overnight (current guidance from the doctors is that he needs to be turned every two hours). Some that we've seen advertised are the Volkner turning system ( and this one ( -- does anyone have experience with either of those companies, or can anyone recommend any others? The ones I've seen recommended most consistently here are the Invacare Turn-Q and the Joerns TurnCair, but it looks like they've been discontinued. Does anyone have experience with the Invacare MA95Z microAIR Lateral Rotation Mattress, which it looks like replaced the Turn-Q? Or the current Joerns mattresses?

    We've had so much trouble with this pressure ulcer that we are really looking for anything we can do to help with the recovery. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.

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    Joerns still makes the TurnCair, although it is currently restricted primarily to sales to the VA. You can contact them and arrange to talk to a local rep about purchase of one even if you are not a Veteran though.

    The Invacare product is decent, and Drive Medical, Patriot, and Blue Chip make similar onea:

    I do NOT recommend the Volkner. It is an overlay, provides very little pressure reduction at all, and really only turns you less than 10 degrees. You should be looking for a product that offers up to a 40 degree turn, and which is a full depth low air loss mattress, not an "alternating pressure" overlay of dubious merit.

    When using a turning mattress, I also recommend setting the turning frequency at no less frequent than every 30 minutes, as it is not comparable with manual turning every 2 hours.


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