For probably over the last decade I have been taking 4 ? aminopyridine. I have been taking 40 mg a day, four 10 mg pills every six hours. The pharmacy I was getting the pills compounded that has now informed me that they cannot find any company that has the active ingredient of 4-amino pyridine available to purchase to continue compounding my pills. They are recommending I take Fampyra instead. I tried that about three years ago and I found it did not work for me as well as my compounded pills. Additionally the recommended dose is only 20 mg a day where as I'm taking 40 mg a day.

So my question to those of you out there are the following :

1) is anyone else out there still taking 4 ? AP in compounded pills. If you are is it at all possible that he would be able to ask the pharmacy you get your pills from where they source the 4-ap? I'd prefer to find a new source for it so I can continue to take my compounded pills.

2) if I can't then I have to go with Fampyra. Going to my question for those of you out there with spinal cord injuries are any of you taking greater than the 20 mg per day recommended dosage? Say closer to 40 mg?