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Thread: No more 4 ? AP, Fampyra greater than recommended dose?

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    I am a C456 quad 13 years post. I always kept mum on 4-AP out of ignorance about what it does or what it Potentially can do for me, if anything. What is it? I always thought it's one of those nonsense false-hope things as far as chronics go
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    thank you for the video but I should have been more clear: I was looking for more of personal accounts on what 4-ap can do for a injured persons life
    Like do you take it? What does it do for you?
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    Old thread on this:

    I started taking it 3-4yrs ago. It took 4 days and I got lower sensation in my back, returned. After 27yrs! More sensation on the lower left front - a couple of inches but only in one spot.

    Functional? Well, my transfers were a lot stronger (and still are) because of that lower back return. I could only do what I could of a sit-up 5 times at first but worked up to 80 ... there was no more return after that.

    In trials, some were reporting bladder and bowel return (word of mouth though) and I was highly anticipating that ... never happened. My bowels do work better though for whatever reason and many reported that.

    There are extensive threads on 4-ap here. In my opinion, Acorda effed up the trials. They were trying to go with 'less spasicity' but couldn't prove the concept efficiently in numbers for those with spinal cord injury, especially when people were still taking Baclofen etc. Just a poor trial. They didn't have enough money for another trial for SCI and needed a cash flow so released it for those with MS who are having trouble walking. They never returned to the SCI trials.

    Since MS (multiple sclerosis - brain involvement as well as spinal cord) and TM (transverse myelitis - oneoff spinal cord only) attack the myelin shealth directly, Acorda released it for MS ... and I was able to hop on with TM by convincing my doc.

    You would be hard pressed to find a doc anywhere that will prescribe it off-label to someone with a spinal cord injury ... but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't still try.

    I was on a natural high for at least 9 months after my return - could not wipe that smile off of my face. I still take it but there has been no more return.

    To be honest, I ordered the stronger stuff this morning - my receipt said that they include 40 pills of 4-ap compound. Not sure I'll be trying that .. but I have a very good relationship with my doc and would like him to know what I'm taking .. just in case.
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    Tried to order the new stuff ... his credit card apps are gone and can only do business with paypal. *eyeroll*
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