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Thread: Need a recommendation for a cream/lotion to prevent p. sores

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    Need a recommendation for a cream/lotion to prevent p. sores

    Hey guys I have had bad skin breakdown on my S before.
    Now that the pressure sore on my ass is gone I am looking for ways to prevent it.
    I am using some kind of a cream that is moisturizing and preventing formation of pressure sores but it's from another country and the writing is in another language.
    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for creams like that - that work for them.
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    Maceration will only make skin weaker and it will be less able to protect the deeper layers.

    Some covers use spacer fabric to avoid maceration.

    Need to:

    1. Isolate any shear force on the skin:-
    a. Squeeze angle of 80deg;
    b. Low friction UHMWPE cover over cushion; and
    c. Stretchy cover over that.

    As you are a quad the whole seat will need to be reclined, while maintaining the 80deg squeeze angle otherwise you will not be able to support your spine. I'm a para and I can't support my spine for a whole day.

    2. Only apply uniform pressure to the skin:-
    a. Cut out cushion so weight is supported by longer trochanters, not point loads of the coccyx and ischia;
    b. Gel and memory foam (Jay, etc.); or
    c. Pneumatic cushion (Roho, etc.).

    Make sure cushion is not bottoming out, gone flat or suffered a leak.

    A cutout to not kink your bendy straw if you are using condom drainage. Beware of the Roho kink problem.

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    Pressure Ulcers are caused by Pressure. Lotion or shearing results and skin tears might be helped by a lotion or a hydrocolloid placed.
    Recommended: Pressure reliefs (shifting) while up in wheelchair every 15 minutes and Pressure Releases- if you can by lifting or reclining chair back all the way every 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
    And that is no matter what kind of cushion etc...

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