I received a message from a guy named cdnturbo who registered as a guest. I returned his message but not sure if it went thru as he is a guest.

I thought I'd post here in case he checks out the site again. his question:I was reading an old post and noticed you seem to know a lot about the xlt pro. I'm new to hand cycling. Today while riding when I put on the brakes the post that is in the handle holding the shifter and the brake broke off. Is there a better system or should I just buy the new part ?

My answer: If it's the post coming out of the handle that you attach your shifter/brake to, it's just a matter of having one rewelded back on as the handle is made out of aluminum.
On my Pros, I always preferred having the shifters and brakes on the railing of the seat frame. I changed them over to be like the old XLT's with a twist shifter and brake. It's a lot less hassle with 0 problems of cables breaking. There are better systems out there for sure but am reluctant to offer a suggestion tip I know how old and model your Pro is.