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Thread: Water Therapy advice needed

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    Cool Water Therapy advice needed

    First time posting here. I will be leaving my rehab facility in 3 days. I have not had water therapy. My county has a Recreation center and I would like to try the therapy pool. My left knee hyperextends and I have a brace for that that cannot get wet. Any suggestions on a solution? Also any tips for what to do once I am in the pool would be appreciated.

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    Consult a physical therapist for safe water exercises for your circumstances. Possibly you won't need the brace in the pool, but if you do, a physical therapist would be the best resource for options.

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    Thank you

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    Can you start out with some outpatient water therapy at your rehab facility? The therapist could determine if you need the brace in the water, and help you find an appropriate one, as well as teach you a water exercise routine that you could then continue on your own at the county pool.


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    There are waterproof leg covers available for sale online.
    Ask the doctor treating your knee if the covers are an option.

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