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Thread: How do I sell a van with high tech hand controls?

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    How do I sell a van with high tech hand controls?

    Since I can no longer drive I want to sell my van with EMC hand controls, but I'm not sure how to do that since dealers would charge to remove it. I know there are people that want a vehicle with high tech hand controls, but how do I find them?

    I've listed the van on does anyone have other suggestions? Has anyone ever bought or sold a used vehicle with high tech hand controls?

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    Might help to send photo and information to all Vocational Rehabilitation Offices in your state. Addresses should be on Internet, and would suggest sending directly to Manager at each office.

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    9,722 multiple cities. I'd think something like that would have some demand considering the pricing for new installs. Might take a while, but I think you shouldn't have a problem.

    Just make sure you fill your add with poor quality pictures, misspell lots of words, make threats to 'not waste your time', and be prepared for a lot of text messages with extremely retarded questions and lowball offers, lol.

    You could get an add on AutoTrader also for free as well, that should push nationwide.

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    CC has an Equipment and Services forum. Scroll down the Forums menu and you will see it listed under the Exchange Forums heading. Post your van info there.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Suggestions include the following:

    • Our own Equipment & Services forum
    • Craig's List
    • Disabled Dealer
    • eBay
    • Contact the local large SCI rehabilitation centers; speak to someone in the case management or social work dept., and see if they will allow you to post flyers, or to refer patients who would be potential buyers to you. Do the same with an local chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America and United Spinal Association.


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    How old are the controls, what model, what kind of vehicle is it, and what state is it located in?

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    Thanks for the suggestions. The controls(electronic gas & electronic steering) were installed August 2014, it's a Honda Odyssey in TN.

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    I think for a van like that ebay would probably be the best bet.

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    Shit shit I would be interested in buying it.
    What are you asking for it?
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