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Thread: Honda Odyssey Towing

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    Honda Odyssey Towing

    Hello Everyone! I have a 2014 Honda Odyssey with a Braun conversion and I drive with EMC hand controls. I really want to get a small toy hauler trailer to be able to go camping. Do any of you pull a trailer with your minivan? My concerns are with how low the van already sits to the ground and obviously with a trailer it adds more weight. I just wanted to know what your experiences/thoughts were. Thanks!

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    I have a hitch on both my Mazda5 and Chrysler Town and Country. The Mazda can only handle really small trailers, and the Chrysler can handle small and medium size.

    But neither of mine have the lowered floor or ramp modifications. Thought I read somewhere that the ramp vans structural modifications prevent them from having hitches installed. Hopefully others can respond to deny, for your sake.

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    We have a Honda Odyssey with VMI conversion. When we bought it we asked if we could tow our small boat and trailer that weigh about 750 pounds and the dealer said not to due to the low clearance.might want to check with a dealer who does the Braun to be safe.

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    Thanks for your responses!

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