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Thread: Neuralstem Expands Phase 1 Safety Trial of NSI-566 Neural Stem Cells in Spinal Injury

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    The Primary Completion Date is defined as the date that the final subject was examined or received an intervention for the purposes of final collection of data for the primary outcome [measure], whether the clinical trial concluded according to the pre-specified protocol or was terminated.

    The Study Completion Date is defined as the final date on which data was collected.

    The Primary Completion Date is based on the data collection for the Primary Outcome Measure.

    Both dates are determined by when data were collected, not the date data were analyzed, the date the study was published or the date the study closed with the IRB.

    The Primary Completion Date may or may not be the same as the Study Completion Date.

    For Applicable Clinical Trials, results must be entered 1 year after the Primary Completion Date.Required data includes results for the Primary Outcome Measure, participant flow (the number of participants who started, completed, and dropped out of each period of the study), baseline demographics and adverse event/serious adverse event data.

    It is possible that data for the Primary Outcome Measure is required to be entered before data collection for a Secondary Outcome Measure is complete.
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