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Thread: destin florida

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    destin florida

    anybody been to destin and have tips on were to stay
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    I've been to Destin quite a few times and I highly recommend it. I've stayed at both Hampton Inn properties and the mobility access rooms are well thought out, easy to use and only moderately overpriced

    I am a loyal Hampton Inn customer because I've found that no matter which property I stay at; anywhere in the country, the mobility access rooms have always been comfortable.

    I've also rented a small house in the Sandestin Resort area. I found the place on and talked with the property manager ahead of time to evaluate the accessibility features. While the place didn't have any special accessibility features, the property manager was kind enough to take a few measurements and photos that helped me determine if it would suit my needs. It worked, but I've just stayed at hotels ever since. The accessibility is far easier to count on.

    As for what to do once you get there, The Harborwalk area and Baytowne Wharf are both alot of fun and very easy to get around in a wheelchair. The seafood festival in the fall is my favorite time to be there.

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    thanks ill look into hampton inn sounds like what im looking for i like to be in rolling distance to stuff
    to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]

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    I use to go there a lot and liked the Marriott courtyard in San Destin. The bike path along 30a is real nice, use to ride that a lot. Beautiful area, although can be quite a bit of traffic.
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