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Thread: 2013 Honda Odyssey adapted shifter and window switches? Any pictures?

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    2013 Honda Odyssey adapted shifter and window switches? Any pictures?

    2013 Honda Odyssey adapted shifter and window switches? Any pictures? Would someone who has this van or similar send me a picture of your adaptions?
    Thank you,

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    I have a 2012 Odyssey and use the Sure Grip adapted shifter.
    The window switches are stock and are pain in the ass to use.
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    Do not have picture of window switch mod but I have seen drilling a small hole and use a thin bolt sticking up covered with rubber coating. This allows you to pull back on the bolt to operate windows. I have also seen a small eye-bolt used for this.

    As far as shifter, are you talking about mechanical linkage or an electronic option. For electronic (remote) options there are a few options. I have one of these which I bought for my van and did not use.

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    I'm a quad and use the push down gear shifter adaptation, which eliminates the need to squeeze the button. However, it does require a very large amount of force to be pressed down on the knob. It's very hard on the nerves in your hand and even at the C7 level which I am, is very hard on the shoulder joint. Especially if you're in a situation where you are jockeying back and forth repeatedly, such as a parking space.

    If you're a quad, in my opinion, you shouldn't even bother with this and I would recommend the pushbutton electronic shifter. I use a brand different from the one above, which is made by a company in Maine, which does contract work with the American military. I can get you the name if so desired.

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    Are these what you are looking for?
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    I'm not sure which shifter adapter you use but the Sure Grip Shift adapter I use takes very little amount of force to push down. I'm C6-C7 and have no problem with it. Also it is a simple install, take the stock knob off and replace with the adapter. I'm sure one of those electronic units would have to be installed by a service tech.

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    Thank you all for your help. I have been able to deal with the trigger button on the shifter by just triggering a small hand spasm. I am going to have my son drill the two window switches like Tonyy mentioned.

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