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Thread: Enjoy spring roses!

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    Enjoy spring roses!

    Spring is definitely here in Southern California. Enjoy some roses!

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    A few more:

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    You grow beautiful roses every year and a wide variety.

    I have seven bushes, 6 that were over 25 years old when I bought my house 24 years ago. So, they are 50 years plus. I pruned around Valentine's day as recommended by the extension service in this part of Virginia. I am seeing some buds on them which is a bit early due to warm winter.

    Beautiful job!
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks. I have 18 bushes total. Put all but one into raised beds I built 9 years ago...the remaining one has been in a half wine barrel for 20 years now, and I think it is on it's last legs. Probably will replace it next year. Here in Southern California we prune in late January (after having roses for Christmas) and usually have a great rose bloom by Easter every year.


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    So beautiful!! Thanks!

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    Glorious simply glorious!

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