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Thread: Pot not working for pain...Help!

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    Tried three diff vape oils, two oral oils, 1 pill for spasticity and/or pain. Nothing worked. For neuro pain, can try low dose amitryptoline, low dose naltrexone, cymbalta, or see other thread re diet modification.

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    Agree with above. I don't smoke cause the shit's to good for me now a days, I'm lost when i smoke. Edibles really work though, good luck

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    Same here smoking made me way way worse not sure if I do to much or what but it makes me miserable I'm in more pain I can't sleep and I freak out cus I'm in so much pain and don't know what to do it not for me and I have also tried all different forms that they sell the only thing that somewhat worked was the little vape pens the affects didn't seem to last as long and was very easy to control how much you want to do but still it really doesn't help. I rather just take my hydrocodone and be in pain but fell like I'm not in as much for the hour or so that it lasts. Like they said above amitryptoline works but it is concideed an anti depressant and made me feel gone and made me have to pee like I had a uti and I couldn't take it everyday I could only take it like once every month maybe it just makes you feel like your just here it weird.

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