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Thread: Smoke weed everyday

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    Smoke weed everyday

    Im 21yo , t9 level 2 years post accident. Everythings been easy except the pain and spasms of my legs that make it harder to move around.
    Reason is because i dont get any antismasm medication.

    I tried smoking weed and since than i smoke it almost everynight before sleep.
    It makes my legs feel awesome !

    I can move around a lot easier , dont feel any pain or discomfort. Could this be the fix ?
    Should i smoke weed everyday my entire life ? I have to mention that meanwhile i go to school and run my own business-

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    If you use it moderately before bed you should be fine.
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    Two recent articles in the news:

    Medical marijuana without the high contains high levels of cannabidiol, or CBD, one of the two main molecules in marijuana; the other is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. While THC is famously mind-altering, CBD is not.

    This one applies to heavy users:

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    Depends on your pain level and how much you value your brain. I went to college in the 80s when pot was apparently a lot less potent than it is today. Nobody in college that I knew who smoked pot on daily basis has what I consider a successful career. My anecdotal observations of heavy pot smokers are that they are unmotivated and unable to be successful at math/engineering related careers.

    Before all you cheese eating potheads get your bongs all in a twist, I am sure there are exceptions and there is certainly a correlation/causation argument to be made. It is simply my opinion on what I have observed.

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    Martiani a little off the subject but what's your business? I also a Para T-10 and also have my own company medical supply company.

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    "I went to college in the 80s when pot was apparently a lot less potent than it is today."

    I went to college in the mid 70's and can tell you that there was pot available then that was every bit as potent, if not more than what's available today. In fact, if I could get some of that Acapulco Gold available in those days I would be smoking again!

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    I'm 70. I've smoked pot everyday since I started at 23 (except for a couple of years when I was getting my Master Degree when I didn't have time or money for pot).

    You shouldn't smoke before school or work, but in the evenings, after study, etc, smoking pot should be ok. Most of my life I was too cheap to buy pot and grew it indoors under a shop light. The stuff I grew was not anywhere near as potent as what I buy today.

    I smoked pot every day and also had a successful career. Keep it an evening thing.
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    I work with LED displays and a furniture company. Nice to hear that other paras entrepreneur just like the walking abled people heheh

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    Cannabis is the only med i'm on, My pain and spasms were terrible, I was on dextrol LA for bladder spasms until last year I started doing edibles and noticed I no longer had spasms. I now make a tincture with 151 rum that I administer with an eye dropper under the tongue. It is the only edible that works right away,has instant relief therefore easy to regulate dosage. Cannabis has given me a lot better life, the meds that I on before this had brutal side effects. I smoke and do edibles every day, it was a lot of work but worth it for me. You will have to experiment to see what works for you.


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    With the increased availability of this option, I'm wondering if I should look into it for my husband. He has burning so badly in his legs and bottom. Has anyone else had luck with it reducing or curing neuro pain? He actually uses it sometimes, but not in a "real" , medical kind of way.. just whatever is on the streets. Haven't noticed whether it helps or not. I'm thinking something more medical and created for the situation. As it stands, Xanax is all that seems to work for the burning. It works, but as you know, over time, tolerance is developed. Which is of course along with the other negative aspects of the drug.

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