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Thread: Question about tires..

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    Question about tires..

    So I'm in the process of getting my first real customized wheelchair and the DME is getting together the specs for the chair. I asked him about tires because I've read so much around here about Marathon Plus tires so that seemed like the way to go. The guy I'm working with at the medical equipment place is very nice seems knowledgeable to a degree but also seems to be pushing just baseline everything, when I mention upgrading anything on the chair (even if it's something that I'll have to pay for out of pocket it's fine) he just says it's not really needed.

    Anyhow he keeps telling me I don't need special tires I should just go with the most basic tire that's offered to save money, so I'm here to ask what kind of tires do you all suggest? Are the Marathon Plus tires the way to go or is there a different tire I should be looking into? My general need in a tire is something that rolls well over indoor flooring/carpeting and that perform well in outdoor conditons too like theme parks, outdoor events around town, and general city use.

    I dont mind paying an upcharge as long as long as I get things on the chair that are useful to me. So any suggestions are appreciated and I'll certainly look into just about anything at this point!

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    I love my Schwalbe MPEs. I started with solids, then MPEs, then some average treded tire, then back to MPEs. For the uses you mention, I recommend MPEs if you're willing to maintain pneumatics (basically top off air pressure every week). And you will eventually get a flat although with MPEs and schwalbe tubes, they're rare.

    Be sure to use Schwalbe tubes with Schwalbe MPEs, otherwise you will get a flat (lesser tubes pop). You can readily identify Schwalbe tubes by their metal stem (just in case the DMEs tries to sneak standard tubes by you).

    Besides providing decent traction on various surfaces (including snow), MPEs are friendly to your hands, too. The sidewalls of other tires I tried were rough; they hurt my hands.

    MPEs are pricey, and their treds and rubber do wear out just like other tires, but if you're willing to pay, they do behave very nicely during their life spans.

    If you want basic tires you virtually never need to maintain, get solids.
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    I got a new chair a few years back and the charge for the Schwable tires were cheaper than what I could have purchased them for out right. Get the upgrade you can try cheaper ones later...tell your DME that you have polled actuall users and they are highly recommended....

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    Yes get the Schwable Marathons *and* Schwable tubes. The cost difference is not really that much, nice dinner depending on where you eat. What does cost are wheels. If you are considering wheels in the Spinergy range vs the "no charge" range, that will amount to dinner all month or more depending.
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    Thanks everyone, I'm reading a lot of older posts and seeing some people like solid tires (shox?) and some like the marathon tires and other schwable tires as well. It's a lot of info to take it and try to learn about. I'll be sure to note if I go with the marathon plus tires to make sure they have the schwable tubes as well.

    I have looked into the Spinergy wheels and seen they are expensive but seem to be lighter weight than others, the DME says he suggest mags and just from what I've looked at those seem a little heavier so I'm still researching it but I do like the look of Spinergy LX wheels if they are the lightest weight option I don't mind paying for them as I feel like they should last pretty well. Like I said I'm still looking at different options though so we will see what I end up with!

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    Weight of quality wheelchairs and their components becomes an issue only when the user needs to lift the chair regularly (e.g., loading it into a car after transferring into the car's seat) Extra weight on a quality chair does not change it's behavior on the ground. I have a heavily loaded TR3, which I load into my car with a lift. My TR3 has exceptional handling while weighing over 50# with all the stuff I carry.
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    Why would they suggest mags? I wouldn't go for that.
    Plus, the solid tire, though great in concept, really kinda suck. They give a squishy ride and a very loud ride. Once your on tile or lanolium (or however you spell that), all you hear is SQUEAK SQUISH SQUEAK SQUISH, when you have turn on those surfaces.
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    Wow 50 pounds seems really heavy especially when most things I read online are about ways to keep the chair weight down. But like you said if you don't need to load/upload it yourself (without the help of a lift) it probably doesn't matter as much. It's much easier for me or someone who is with me to breakdown and load/unload the chair ourselves vs. having to get a lift for the car though I think. I have previous unrelated to wheelchair use strength issues due to bone cancer in my arm from a few years past, after several surgeries on that arm I'm certainly looking for things that are relatively lightweight any little bit I can save would be helpful in the long run. I know a little weight savings here or there isnt much but I do think it'll add up in the end.

    Edited to say the DME suggested mags because they don't need any maintenance and that's what app his patient want (little maintenance and nothing they need to keep up themselves).

    I dont mind having to take care of things like this though because the wheelchair will be something I need to keep maintaned so it last me a good long time. I don't mind taking the wheels to a local bike shop if spokes need to be tightened or pumping up tires myself etc. but maybe that's a rarity in the patients this DME sees.
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    i have spingery wheels solid tires i like my solid tires no flats i have style sw600 had rims 15 years tires 5 yrs

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    And then there's the "cool" factor. Get what you will feel best in. Maybe Google 'images' of folks sitting in wheelchairs to see what you like.
    I don't know if your condition will progress (hope not), but if you think the future may find you traveling outdoors to have fun, etc. go with the options that look good as well as functional. So many colors to choose from. Black, quality air tires. (No, they don't mark floors), would be a more comfortable ride outdoors.

    Make sure your provider gives you the specs on the chair you want, in writing! Unbelievable the number of errors that occur between the customer, the provider, the manufacturer. If you can afford add-on options, go for it, as the chair should last quite a while.

    Many knowledgeable folks here can suggest the names of suitable chairs. The model you want should be provided to DME before they do estimate for a cheapie.

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