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Thread: Trying to make our new home accessible

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    If you hire a contractor, have a contract drawn up and pay a lawyer to do it. Make sure it is results oriented such as all wall switches must be easily accessible. We chose an outfit with an aging-in-place certification [not worth the cost of the paper the certificate was printed on]. They immediately subcontracted everything and the result was half good half a mess.

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    I don't know about getting an attorney involved beforehand. Good luck finding a contractor to work for you, if you do.

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    Tman 9513,

    Question does an epoxy treatment make the marine plywood slicker?
    Ans; YES but a sand like abrasive is very easy to apply if you wish. The additives to pressure treated plywood and all pressure treated wood is more than likely a dog skin irritant. It is poisonous if somehow it it get into the dog internally. Dogs often take to chewing on wood. As do little children. Smooth ramps are slick by the nature of being without a natural grip. Ramps made of slats are much more safe from a smoothness perspective. My opinions come from a boat owner's point of view, as well as a building codes point of view as well.

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    Tom RL once bitten, twice shy ???? Buy a house plan, get someone preferably yourself and do a full plan review. This is not difficult, but it is tedious. A single floored home is rather simple, but you have to be familiar with your needs. Reference every HP specification you can find, you only want to do this once so the effort is well worth it.

    If you hire a professional question everything for you, it is worth being a pain in the ass to them it prevents you from having one. And besides it is your dime.

    Another warning some states have as a law; that licensed building professionals cannot question another licensed professional's work, this rule often comes under the State Department of Education law, Not where you would expect to find such a Law or Regulation! Building Laws usually come under a State Department of their own, or the Department of State. They regulate and they oversee the municipalities operations.

    Good luck I sincerely hope you get exactly what you want.

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