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Thread: Do you follow funny Paras/Quads on social media, youtube or whatever?

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    Do you follow funny Paras/Quads on social media, youtube or whatever?

    If so who. Going through a rough patch after not working for 2 years (health leave). I'm trying to restart a business I had on the side while I was working for the tax man and a somewhat narcisistic boss (reason for medical leave), the fool was f'ing toxic. Taking little steps at the moment trying to get life on track. Need a foul-mouthed fool with a bent view on the world, who just happens to be SCI, if there is any such thing, to pick me up. I'd do it myself, I've heard my jokes too many times.
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    I have a few I watch, but not sure it is what you are looking for. The Angry Quad is great, but it's more for motivating you to exercise. Lots of F Bombs. I love him. There is a funny quad woman in Australia called Clover Rose on YouTube. My fav tho is Chris Colwell, but he is more of a zen guy, not always funny. I'd like to know of more, too. Zack Anner is pretty hysterical, but he has CP.
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    Mut "Do you follow funny Paras/Quads on social media, youtube or whatever? "

    What for?

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