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Thread: AD stories

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    AD stories

    Thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where people can share their AD stories.

    You never know, it could help someone in the future while they're having unexplained AD or even give doctors an idea of what it could be.
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    Lazylegs ,
    I had about the worst case a person could have without dying , I was close . Went to a movie in late afternoon , came home , did not feel bad at all . Then started getting slight headache . so decided to go to bed early . Big mistake . Within about 40 minutes bad headache ! Called 911 right away ! Buy the time they got here already had a stroke , three bleed on the brain . After things got figured out , settled down , it was determined that my bowel was backed up , caused A.D. blood pressure to spike to 245 over 129 . Bad deal !

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    That's some scary stuff Duck, good thing you made it through. Frickin AD... How long did it take the ambulance to arrive? Did you not have the Nifedipine on hand? Bowel backed up, what's your bowel program routine?

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    NitroPaste is the preferred method for dealing with episodes of autonomia, because it can be wiped off once the blood pressure has been lowered and the stimulus that caused the event has been resolved. Oral medications remain in the body and continue working for some time. Nifedipine has a half life of 2 hours elimination from the body. The effects of NitroPaste are eliminated almost immediately, once it has been wiped off.

    Good safety tip "Duck," if you are having an episode of autonomia, stay upright.

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    Once I had AD off and on for two days straight due to what ended up being a bladder stone. It wasn't the sudden spike of AD that usually comes and goes once you figure out the issue. It was long periods of headaches, sweat, head tingling, and high blood pressure. I thought it was the end of me but I finally went to the hospital, they gave me Oxybutynin, and it all finally stopped. It was like a miracle happened. Needless to say I always keep some Oxybutynin and Nitrobid around.

    You have to be careful with nitrobid though. I remember once during a pretty bad AD attack I had I applied nitrobid and by the time the paramedics came my blood pressure was 55/30 laying down. They were worried but it didn't last long after I wiped it off but then it was back to high bp and slow heart rate.

    Thinking about this reminds me of how many AD attacks I've had over the last 10 years being injured. Goes to show how tough the human body can be but also makes wonder how much damage all of these AD attacks have caused.
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