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Thread: Hair loss on legs with SCI?

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    Hair loss on legs with SCI?

    Just curious if there is any kind if connection with sci and not having any hair growth on legs. I have absolutely none!

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    I'd been wondering that as well. My husband's legs became silky smooth a few years after his injury. There's hair everywhere else a guy should have it.

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    I wonder... for me it happened shortly after. They're super smooth. I haven't even had much muscle atrophy, but I've had lots of hair loss.

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    My leg hair disappeared when my muscle tone did... (about 10 years post injury)
    Its funny to see this post tonight as I was just telling my evening worker about my hair loss about an hour ago.
    I heard someone propose that it is due to poor blood flow but I don't buy it because when I get a cut on my foot or toe, I bleed as I did pre-injury.

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    My SCI is due to MS, and I also have lost all hair on my legs, and my forarms too - I don't think it's a circulatory issue, it seems to me that it is more likely caused by damage to nerves that formerly innervated the hair follicles.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    I forgot to mention that I lost a patch of hair on my left arm (just below the elbow) about 20 years ago but about 6 to 8 months ago I started getting a bald patch on my right arm above the elbow. Weird...

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    I too think it is a nerve issue. I bet the follicles aren't being stimulated and they die out. My legs look plastic because of it. Especially with the lack of atrophy I have had. It's true, all SCIs are different.

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    My legs are pretty hairy, I haven't paid much attention before reading this post, but I think they're more or less as hairy as before. T8 complete ASIA A 10 years post

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    Sun burn and blister without going red. No hair on legs. Sores that look like venous insufficiency which had GP stumped.

    Dysinhibited sympathetic outflow below injury causes vasoconstriction in skin. My blood sugar is always low so it is not diabetic venous insufficiency.

    Have to take more care of skin and not wear tight socks for this reason.

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    Hey if your a woman no more shaving. Its been so long I got some hair above my knees none below.

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