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Thread: How long is Botox in the bladder supposed to last?

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    How long is Botox in the bladder supposed to last?

    Is it four months or six months?

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    I get 7 to 8 months. Done it five times.

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    I got about 5 months the first time, then around 3 months the next time, and the last couple times I tried it it did nothing useful at all.

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    I haven't had Botox injections for some while, but when I did my results were much like "funklab." My first round of Botox lasted about 9 months, 2nd round about 6 months, 3rd and 4th rounds not much help at all.

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    Has anyone had an adverse reaction to bladder botox? I'm going next week, first time.

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    Botox generally lasts between 4 and 6 months. As you can see from the posts, it varies from person to person. Side effects are generally considered rare, but do occur. They are most likely to occur within the first 7-10 days post injection but can occur a little longer out.

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    I started receiving Botox injections as part of a clinical trial (so prior to FDA approval). I was assigned to the arm of the study that received 300 units per administration (the other 2 arms were 200 units and placebo). I believe that 200 units is now the standard dose, however, I continue to request and receive 300 units.

    I generally get a solid year's results from each administration, but usually "top it off" before leaking reoccurs. I've gone as long as 18 months between treatments. Have yet to experience an adverse effect from it and don't expect to at this point. Prior to Botox my bladder was waging an unrelenting war against me over decades -- I had frequent accidents or the fear of them. I wish that everyone would enjoy the success I've had with Botox, it's transformed my SCI experience.

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    It is so nice to hear the positive's of a treatment. So often, all we hear are the negatives. So thank you for sharing your experiences. Botox does not work for everyone, but it is certainly an option to explore.

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    I had Botox for the first time last May and it worked great! I could hold about 3 times more before I leaked and I stopped taking Vesicare which was a nice bonus. After about 7 months, I noticed I could not hold as much so I started taking the Vesicare again and that helped bring my capacity back up. I'm right at about 11 months now and I am still much better than before Botox but it seems that my capacity is slowly getting smaller. I've been wondering when I should try to do another Botox treatment. If you wait longer between treatments will it help keep the results more like the first time instead of becoming less effective every time?

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    Botox may last anywhere from 6-18 months, and occasionally even longer. Some people do develop antibodies to Botox, which can result in subsequent injections being less effective, and if this is the case, a larger dose and more frequent injections may be tried, but often do not result in the intended effect. Regardless of the method used (Botox, anticholenergics, etc.) to try to increase capacity, it is still not considered safe to try to hold more in your bladder than about 450ml. nor to do catheterizations less often than every 4-6 hours.


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