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Thread: Possible anal fissure

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    Exclamation Possible anal fissure

    Good evening everyone. The day before yesterday (Thursday) my girlfriend and I noticed what I believe to be an anal fissure by my anus. It was a decent sized fissure with a pretty large pocket on it (swelling). Today while transferring into the vehicle we both smelled something suspicious. We thought I had an accident. We went to the bedroom to do my program and my pants were wet but no stool. The swelling and fissure had gone down a lot and red / cream colored blood was coming out. It had a very distinct odor to it. She pushed most of it out using her hand and a latex glove but even now it's still bleeding when she lifts up on my butt to look at it. There's a red hole where it popped.

    Is this something I should go to the ER for ? I've had anal fissures in the past, but before I was injured 5+ years ago. What could they do if anything for me ? Can I still do my bowel program tonight while it's like this or should I wait ?

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    I would worry about infection and spread of infection. Would you be able to see your doctor tomorrow?

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    I just had one that was .6 centimeters deep and it took 6 weeks to heal using a strip of silver alginate. I kept doing my bowel program but I was on stool softeners to keep my stool soft and from tearing the fissure even more. I would definitely see your doctor to rule out infection and maybe see a wound doctor
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    If you haven't been seen by a MD, you should be. You had an infection there and need to be treated for it - and you also need to heal that area. Please get to your health care provider as soon as you can.


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