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Thread: Is there a lightweight water hose you like for gardening?

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    Is there a lightweight water hose you like for gardening?

    I'm tired of running over and lugging around my old hose that I've had since before my accident. I will be using it for watering my container garden/beds but it will still get used by my son to wash our cars. I saw a lightweight one On Gardeners Supply called "Water Right" and the reviews were most really good except for a few that said it wasn't as efficient as a regular hose. Any thoughts on this or one you like?

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    I have one of those collapsing hoses that actually works amazingly well and seems quite durable. Give one of them a shot!

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    I hesitate to recommend this lightweight no-kink hose, but I have had mine for 4 years now, and while it is lightweight and resists kinking, I had problems with the leak developing at the brass coupling end as described in these Amazon reviews. I was able to jerry rig a fix for this, but it will not take the back-pressure of a spray head, so I just use the hose for areas where I don't need that feature.

    I also have a 50 foot coiled hose in the front yard (see below) but the coils actually shorten this up to at most 30 functional feet of hose, and it gets tangled together with itself.


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    The collapsing hoses work depending on water pressure. Depending on your source, you might find yourself blowing them apart? The also pop if you run them over. they are just a surgical type tubing with pressed on ends. I've blown more than half a dozen and gave up on them. I just drag around a regular rubber hose now.

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    Regarding my collapsing hose, it is just used to connect the front outside spigot to a sprinkler, water, and remove and store away for the next time keeping the lawn from going into dormancy is needed. And that's that. Easier than dragging big hose on the reel from out back to the front. So I guess that would be light duty usage. Works great that way though, and nice and light.

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