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    Just wondering what the benefits of cycling can be for someone that does not yet have control of legs? This in comparison to gait training? I'm not talking about fes or e-step just regular gait training where someone moves your legs, vs cycling where you are being pushed and your legs are moved by the peddles? Any studies?

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    This journal paper would probably interest you a lot.

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    The research on passive cycling alone mostly shows that it doesn't do much (at low speeds). It can have a minor effect on blood circulation and spasticity, and passive cycling at high speeds (> 80 rpm) has a demonstrated effect in Parkinson's patients. Beyond that, it's not particularly useful. Passive gait training is a little more beneficial because of the added loading from body weight support. Adding FES significantly improves results because you have active muscle contractions.

    That being said, if someone has volitional function (i.e., they can cycle or walk on their own to some extent), assisted cycling or gait training can be very beneficial. It always depends on the person. I'd link you some studies, but the mod of this forum doesn't seem to be actively approving posts with links. Could be me though.

    Hope that helps!

    EDIT: Elaborating on the paper linked in my last post.
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    I've been cycling on the RT300 for over 10 years and it has been a blessing. I never have had a pressure sore or been readmitted to the hospital. I've also been able to push myself harder and harder with one of Restorative Therapies therapists they have on staff. I highly recommend FES Cycling to keep you healthy.

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