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    What do most people do for nursing while traveling, I need an lpn or rn, Thanks

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    Why do you need an LPN or RN? Who pays for your care now? Who provides your care now(private hire, agency, etc.)?

    If you need skilled care (LPN or RN) you will probably have to private hire from an agency where you are traveling to, and the agency will most likely have a minimum shift (ie, at least 4 hours). It will not be cheap. They may also require a physician's order for any care provided, and most often that must come from a physician licensed in that state.

    A lot of people who travel take their attendant (rarely an RN or LPN) along with them when they travel. Keep in mind that you will have to pay all of their travel expenses, plus wages, to travel with you. If they work for an agency, the agency will determine if they will allow them to travel or not, in addition to the caregiver having conflicts due to their family issues or other clients they work for.


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