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Thread: Mark Smith kicked off airplane

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    Mark Smith kicked off airplane

    Mark Smith was apparently kicked off an American Airlines flight recently because he used a wheelchair: .

    For those who don't know him, Smith runs a widely-read blog and message board about power chairs, and has written quite a good book, Wheels of Change, about disability.

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    I saw this on Facebook. Outrageous! I think American will find they messed with the wrong person with a disability on this one. I hope he pursues all legal recourse/files all appropriate complaints, and should get not only a free ticket from American but a formal apology as well. Have been trying to find out what happened since the incident (3/27/17) but without success so far.

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    Money talks...I sure hope there is some sort of litigation as a result of this. Unless these airlines start getting hit financially, they will not change their ways.

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    Although Mark can be a royal PITA, I hope he at least gets an apology. This same thing happened to me several years ago by Eastern and stranded me in the Philadelphia airport for several hours until Delta stepped in.
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    He should get a whole lot more than a free ride out of this. What happened is unacceptable. I would never fly on AA, and hopefully, others won't either. If you've ever been dragged around on an isle chair, you can imagine his humiliation.

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    Yikes, I'm going to Philadelphia in a few weeks and have no choice in airlines, I hope they do not choose AA.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    You can get a good sense of Mark by looking at his site

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    What was the reasoning to exiling him? Do we know?
    I've always felt like we're dehumanized in some ways; this is just more proof of that.
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    I'm with Crappler. There must be a reason (probably a really bad reason), but there has to be some reason. Why would the pilot go out of his way to take him off the plane after they already went through all the trouble to get him on the plane?

    As someone who has had to board after all of the other passengers were already on the plane in an aisle chair, I can only imagine the chaos and humiliation of being dragged off the plane on an aisle chair when the plane is full of people. I really wonder what that pilot was thinking... this isn't going to turn out good for him or AA.

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